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Consultancy Services

The field of education in today's environment has become very specialized. 
This requires the services of people knowledgeable with practical experience and educational background to develop the high standards needed to maintain that competitive edge for the school owners as well as for the maximum development of the child.

A School is a living organism, alive and breathing, always alert to the needs of its pupils. Within it thousands of young souls aspire to develop their creative urges, academic abilities and physical prowess in the environment of spiritual freedom. It is a crucible which lays the foundation for self-confidence, a belief in one's abilities, the courage to take calculated risks and the strength to face adversity with one's head held high with honor and dignity. It creates adults who are achievers with moral integrity - the pillars of society and civilization.

It is our advice to Organizations and Individuals who wish to build schools to think and dream, then put their dreams into words and then carve those words into deeds.

Consultancy Services provides:

  • School Design/ building lay-out plan/ interior design 
  • Assistance in CBSE affiliation 
  • Academic planning/ Course Curriculum  
  • School Administration  
  • Research and Development  
  • Lesson Plans  
  • Day-to-day Operations 
  • Marketing and Promotion  
  • Manpower Planning & Technical Assistance  
  • Teacher planning, recruitment & Training  
  • Quality Control & Workshops 
  • Standard Fee structure